IV Therapy

IV Therapy is a safe and natural method of infusing nutrients through the bloodstream to deliver highly effective doses of essential vitamins

Benefits of IV Therapy

Detoxification: helps the body eliminate free radicals, chemical pollutants, and bacterial toxins.

Boosts Immunity: restores balance to the immune system and helps treat viral infections.

Reduces Stress: aids to reverse a the inflammatory effects of stress and decreases the risk of heart disease.

Healthier Skin: removes heavy metals from the body and provides it with all the essential nutrients to keep your skin looking great.


Treatment Options

Immunity Cocktail: a powerful mix of nutrients designed to increase energy and enhance your body’s natural defenses.

Myers Cocktail: a complete mix of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that works at the cellular level to give your body exactly what it needs.

Recovery Cocktail: our healthy hangover cure focuses on total hydration to restore energy and flush away those pesky “toxins”.

Weight Loss Cocktail: a formula that provides essential nutrients to maintain optimal health while shedding excess pounds.

Athletic Cocktail: created by athletes for athletes. This options gives you everything you need to perform your best on “game day”.

Pre & Post Operative Infusions: gives your body the boost it needs to prepare for an upcoming procedure or to help reduce post-operative complications.

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